The RuWordNet thesaurus is a thesaurus of the Russian language created in the format of well-known English thesaurus WordNet ( It was constructed using semi-automatic transformation of other Russian thesaurus for natural language processing RuThes (

RuWordNet contains synsets (sets of synonyms) for nouns (single nouns and noun phrases), verbs (single verbs and verb phrases) and adjectives:
- 29297 noun synsets;
- 12865 adjective synsets;
- 7636 verb synsets.
Currently, RuWordNet thesaurus contains 111.5 thousand of unique Russian words and expressions.

Between synsets of the same part of speech, the following relations are established: hyponym-hypernym, instance-class, part-whole, antonymy relation, domain relations. For verbs, cause and entailment relations are described. Also part-of-speech synonymy links are established between synsets of different parts of speech having the same meaning.

RuWordNet thesaurus is distributed for non-commercial use. To obtain xml-files of the thesaurus, you can write to Natalia Loukachevitch ([email protected]).

RuWordNet Thesaurus is created with the support of Russian Foundation for Humantities (project 15-04-12017v).


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